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TEMA: CIND token of ‘Cindrum’ goes live on Bibox and Bittrex

CIND token of ‘Cindrum’ goes live on Bibox and Bittrex 6 meses 4 semanas ago #516751

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CIND token of ‘Cindrum’ goes live on Bibox and Bittrex

CIND token is being actively traded after being listed to the global crypto exchange, Bibox and Bittrex. CIND token is a cryptocurrency of ‘Cindrum’, a platform where players can become creators to construct, design, own, and trade their assets within the platform.
By combining the main components of Cindrum, users can have their avatars put on their assets, trade or bargain at Cindrum Bazaar, attract other users to the LAND they’ve created, and immerse themselves in a virtual social networking environment to mine the CIND token.
The cultivated CIND token can be used as an asset within the Cindrum metaverse and other platforms that support the CIND token. Cindrum metaverse is a virtual world where users can enjoy various entertainment and monetizing elements such as creating UGC, conducting secured and verified NFT transactions, shopping, staking, mining and etc.
It is explained that users can collect and display their NFTs and become an art collector within the platform, and furthermore, users will be open to infinite possibilities with the combination of LAND and ASSET of the virtual world. In particular, more CIND tokens can be mined as the users spend more time in the metaverse, utilize LAND and ASSET, or conduct more shopping in the Cindrum bazaar.
An official from the Cindrum said, “Cindrum, a paradigm that can overcome the physical distance and limitation in reality, will be the leader in creating a new wave and trend using metaverse technology. We will be working at our best to bring t e virtual world to reality.’
Official Website:
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CIND token of ‘Cindrum’ goes live on Bibox and Bittrex 4 meses 2 semanas ago #516945

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At the very beginning of this entire epic with cryptocurrency, there was not even half of what is now. And if I were then offered to use the trade bot, I would agree without hesitation, without even specifying what it really is. It was enough to say that it automatically conducts transactions - let's get this miracle invention here! Now, novice investors do not even need to strain - just set it up and the bot will do everything by itself. If you wish, you can conduct a couple of transactions yourself, but this is not necessary.
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CIND token of ‘Cindrum’ goes live on Bibox and Bittrex 1 mes 3 semanas ago #517181

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